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NARCISI winemaking equipment has selected industrial companies with decades of experience in the oenological sector, in order to offer you equipment and services able to anticipate future market trends. Take a look at 'Solutions' and do not hesitate to contact us.

About us

Dr. Luca Narcisi - Founder
Enotecnico. Graduated in Economics & Management, he moved to the UK to attend Economics courses. After a thorough market survey, in 2020 he founded NARCISI Winemaking Equipment.

Consulting & Solutions
 Projecting turnkey wineries

  • belt hopper
  • vibrating hopper (hopper with vibrating conveyor belt)
  • vibrating and belt sorting tables
  • roller sorter for destemmed grapes
  • optical sorter system 
  • destemmers
  • destalker - crusher system  "Sgranellatrice" 
  • boxes tipping devices*
  • box washer system


  • pneumatic presses: open, closed, dual, inert tank

  • flotation plant for wine clarification
  • wine tanks for winemaking 
  • sprayers 
  • self-cleaning drainers 
  • insulated tanks 
  • concrete tanks
  • refrigeration systems
  • air conditioning systems for warehouse, barrel cellar, ...
  • barrels 
  • barriques 
  • tonneaux


  • micro oxygenation
  • macro oxygenation
  • CERAMIC membrane - crossflow filters
  • deionizer 
  • technical gas dispenser
  • nitrogen generator systems
  • in-line dosage on wine 
  • in-line dosage on crushed grapes
  • agitators
  • dissolvers 
  • ozonated water sanitizer*
  • automatic barrel topping up (system)
  • barrique filler-emptier (self-levelling)
  • peristaltic, mono, lobe pumps, ...
  • reverse osmosis 
  • nanofiltration
  • centrifugal separation treatment - Decanter

  • bottling systems (any lid/cap/crown cap/cork/can)
  • wire-hooding machines
  • capping machines
  • isobaric filling
  • labelling solutions
  • Bag in Box: semi-automatic or automatic system, BiB packing line, box palletizer
  • external bottle washer-dryer
  • case washer
  • automatic rinsing-blower machines for the inside cleaning (bottles)
  • decorker for natural corks
  • tunnel Pasteurization systems*

  • packaging machinery
  • palletizer
  • depalletizer
  • automated case and carton packaging systems (monoblock or modular)
  • case erecting machines (any box/carton)
  • case packer
  • case sealer
  • taping machines
  • case closing machines (any box/carton)
  • bottle conveyor belt (up to 3000 bottles per hour)

SPARKLING winemaking:
  • Charmat and Champenoise method equipment

  • farming solutions


Enot. Dr. Luca Narcisi 

+39 338 8872988

Facebook: Primo-Luca Narcisi Winemaking 

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